Table runner

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**Disclaimer - pictures are display purpose only.. I will send the pics of the available fabric to choose from.**

Do you know table runners can be placed along the width of the dining table to add a contemporary look?

Whether you are having a family or friends over for a meal, this table runner will definitely add on to the ambience. 

It is made of 2 contrasting yet coordinated fabrics with interfacing layer to give it a little sturdy look and feel.

Different colors and quilted patterns are also available.

These table runners come in “Formal” or “Informal” types.

Formal -  to be placed along the length of the table and hanging on either side.

Informal - short in length so they are placed in the center of the table or can be placed along the width with hanging on sides and can be used as placemats too.

When ordering pl measure the table length and add atleast 8-10” on either side for drape. If you are looking for a different size than mentioned here, please contact me.