Our story

In and around Apr 2020, I started making cotton masks responding to the need of time. I had some sewing skills from my childhood summer vacations. But up until now, it never occurred to my mind to pursue this skill/hobby/passion whatever u may call.

I bought a very basic sewing machine and while making the masks, I got involved in a local volunteer group to make surgical caps for a local hospital which I still continue to do as my community work.

From there I decided to put the sewing machine to more practical use and in July 2020 “FabArtG” was born making a line of “Practical fabric items for every household”.

All the products are practical, reusable, durable, economical and environmentally friendly.

FabArtG donates a certain % of the earning towards local charity at the end of the year.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!!