About Us

Welcome to our online store FabArtG!!!

This store will feature the everyday household useful things that are made up of fabric making them reusable and thus cost effective. They also make a great gift item for many occasions that you can order ahead of time.

Some of these products will help you reduce the waste and make a great impact on the environment. Every small step counts towards a big goal!!

If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact us and send in your suggestions at contact@fabartg.com

We will make every effort to make it available. General comments / suggestions are also welcome.

Also do visit the “Product announcement” page to see which product is next in line waiting to make appearance on this site.

We operate on the principle of philanthropy and a certain percentage of the order total (excluding the shipping charges if any) will be donated towards social responsibility through different channels. This page will be updated periodically to display the information related to our mission.

———Social responsibility updates———

**Nov 2022** - this year FabArtG donated about 50 pounds of food to “Sewa Diwali”.  From now on, we select “Sewa Diwali” as our  social responsibility cause for annual donation.

**Nov 2021** - under this year’s social responsibility, FabArtG donated about 150 pounds of boxes food to #SewaDiwali local chapter which was further given to local food pantries.

“Sewa” means “selfless service” and Diwali is known as “festival of lights”. Diwali is the most celebrated festival by many Indians. FabArtG feels blessed to take a small step to light the lamp by helping the local charities.

**Dec 2020** - Happy to announce that FabArtG’s 2020 social responsibility donation was sent to Briar Leaf Nursing Home in Doylestown, PA. The fundraiser for this nursing home is conducted by 2 second generation kids Saanvi and Surubhi Potnis. So proud of them and FabArtG feels blessed to be part of their efforts. 

Thank you for reading!!! 
Gautami Joglekar