28-days-multi-qty offer

Posted by Gautami Joglekar on

Looking for some practical gifts? Want to find something for you and a matching pair for your friends and family? Running a 28-days-muti-qty offer from Feb 1st to Feb 28th ONLY.

Discount added automatically when you buy 5 or more of the same product on the given date below

  1. Stay put kitchen towel
  2. Crossbody purse
  3. Car seat belts/sunglasses covers
  4. Bowl cozy
  5. Refrigerator Handle covers
  6. Aprons
  7. Placemats
  8. Crossbody purse
  9. Tortilla warmer
  10. Oven mitts/hot pot trivets
  11. Car seat belts/sunglasses covers
  12. Reusable bag
  13. Butterfly oven mitts/skillet handle
  14. Tea coasters/bowl caps
  15. Tortilla warmer
  16. Stay put kitchen towel
  17. Zipper pouch/pencil pouch/cosmetics pouch
  18. Utensil holders
  19. Refrigerator Handle covers
  20. Placemats
  21. Oven mitts/hot pot trivets
  22. Reusable bag
  23. Utensil holders
  24. Bowl cozy
  25. Tea coasters/bowl cape
  26. Aprons
  27. Zipper pouch/pencil pouch/cosmetics pouch
  28. Oven mitts/hot pot trivets